Yours Sincerely, Jim Reeves.

Uitgebracht in 1966 door RCA Victor en werd geproduceerd door Chet Atkins
en Bob Ferguson Plaatnummer: LSP 3709 (e)


  • He'll Have To Go
  • Blue Yodel No.5 (The Legendary Jimmie Rodgers Vocal)
  • Newcast of 1948
  • My Mary
  • When Did You Leave Heaven
  • Mexican Joe
  • Back Up and Push (Chet Atkins Guitar)
  • Yonder Comes a Sucker

  • The Wreck of the Number Nine
  • Scarlet Ribbons
  • The Fool's Paradise
  • Billy Bayou
  • Am I Losing You
  • I Grew Up
  • He'll Have To Go
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