The Abbott Recording (volume 2).

Uit gebracht in 1982 door RCA International Plaatnummer: INTS 5223


  • Let Me Remember (Thigs I Can't Forget)
  • How Many
  • A Womans Love*
  • Tahiti
  • Padre Of Old San Antone
  • My Rambling Heart
  • Echo Bonita
  • Each Beat Of My Heart*
  • Then I'll Stop Loving You
  • Let Me Love Just A Little

  • I Could Cry
  • Heart Breaking Baby*
  • Wagon Load Of Love
  • You're The Sweetest Thing
  • What Were You Doing (Last Night)
  • Whispering Willow*
  • I'll Always Love You
  • Spanish Violins
  • If You Love Me Don't Leave Me*
  • I'll Tell The World I LOve You

*Nog niet eerder uitgegeven opnamen.

Copyright 1997 Tom Orie The Netherlands.