Jim Reeves and some friends.

Uitgebracht in 1967 door RCA Victor en werd geproduceerd door Chat Atkins en Danny Davis.
Plaatnummer: LSP-4112


  • Love Is No Excuse
    (with Dottie West)
  • You'll Never Be Mine Again
    (with Loe Jackson en Floyd Robinson)
  • How Can I Write on Paper (What I Feel in My Heart)
    (with Cordon Stoker)
  • But You Love Me Daddy
    (with Steve Moore)
  • Are You the One
    (with Alvadian Coker)

  • Look Who's Talking
    (with Dottie West)
  • Mother of a Honky Tonk Girl
    (with Carol Johnson)
  • My Hands Are Clean
    (with Leo Jackson
  • I Love You
    (with Ginny Wright)
  • Stand at Your Window
    (with Loe Jackson)

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